Shopping in Davanagere

Shopping has always been a pleasurable experience for Indians as it involves heading outdoors into streets bustling with activity. In this regard, Davanagere is no exception as it offers a variety of shopping options that guarantee to keep your senses entertained and quench your desires for exotic materials. As you walk along the streets lined with shops or the corridors of the shopping malls, you can't help but enjoy the perfume of flowers wafting about or the fragrance of the many sweets popular in Davanagere or the multitude of hues on the typical silk saris of this region. These are some of the pleasurable experiences Davanagere has to offer to the local as well as the tourist.

Bazaars of Davanagere

bazaars in davanagereThe bazaars are typically streets lined with shops of all sizes that display their wares on glass panels or on their shop fronts. These places are most popular among the visitors as they offer convenience and a fun experience as most of the required goods are likely to be present in one shop or another. Additionally, the prices are nominal and there are numerous café and restaurants in the vicinity for one to take a break. The ideal streets in Davangere for such activities are K B extension, Prince Jayachamaraja Wodeyar and the Davanagere- Harihar road. These places offer a variety of shops to purchase clothing, accessories, fruits, stationary and gadgets.

Electronics Stores in Davanagere

When one lives in a city one would realize that electronics and other appliances are vital to ease the fast paced life. These electronics could be your Smartphone which enables you to search for the closest shopping mall or restaurant or your television that entertains you or your microwave oven which cooks your food in a jiffy. These appliances are manufactured by numerous companies and are sold by a multitude of retailers in small scale stores as well as in modern showrooms. Many such places exist in Davanagere that have modern amenities and provide numerous modes of payments such as credit cards, cash etc. Whether you require a small incandescent light bulb, a toaster, a high definition LED television, a computer or a kitchen gadget you can be assured of obtaining one in localities such as Ashoka Road or Mandipet in Davanagere.

Confectioneries and Grocery Shops in Davanagere

The cuisines available in Davanagere include a rich variety of delectable items and are an integral part of one's shopping experience. These offer a break between your trips to the shops and help you refresh and recharge your senses. There is something for everyone in Davanagere; even a casual window shopper can treat himself to the delicious street food available in the vicinity of the shopping malls. There are numerous grocery and general stores as well which help one obtain their monthly supply of provisions and food stuffs.

Shopping in Davanagere

Apparel Stores in Davanagere

As fashion comes and goes people generally tend to update their wardrobes. In general, shopping for clothes has been the most popular activity among middle income families in India. This has been fuelled by unbridled consumerism and the universal need to be unique. Clothing in Davanagere reflects the elegance and distinctiveness characteristic of karnataka. These clothes bespeak elegance and a sense of modesty and tend to uphold the cultural norms of this south Indian state. Women folk can shop for their favourite silk and cotton saris while the men could choose between traditional and western clothing.  Numerous shops are available along Belludi Galli and Ashoka road.

Jewellery Stores in Davanagere

In India most ceremonies such as weddings, birthdays and anniversaries are celebrated with pomp and show and involve extended families and friends. These occasions are opportunities for friends and family to spread the joy by gifting jewellery made of gold or silver with embedded precious stones. The pieces of jewellery found in Davanagere and the surrounding state of Karnataka are immersed in tradition and religious symbolism. The ornaments typical of Karnataka are the belt like Tulunad or the Gundgurdgi arm band or vyaghranakhas pendants. These and other designs of jewellery can be purchased and seen in places such as Ashoka road, Belludi Galli and Mandipet. The gold is of good quality and is always marked by a seal of authenticity. A list of Jewellery stores is available here.
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